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tv   [untitled]    February 22, 2015 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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do -- if you could please take any secondary conversations outside, as to not disrupt the meeting. and if you could please fill out a blue card, if you would like to make public comment. you do not have to. our process is that i will call any of the names from the blue cards first and then we'll ask for any additional public comment. so everyone can comment. when you make public comment, please address your comments to the commission, and in order to allow equal time for all, neither the commission, nor staff will answer any questions during public comment but they may -- the commission may ask staff to respond after public comment. one last thing, you will have three minutes, commissioner buell. >> three minutes. >> if you have an item that is not on calendar, but falls
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under the jurisdiction of the recreation and park commission, you may speak under item 4, general public comment and continued again on item 12. with that, we are on the president's report. >> thank you. let me start by saying, gung hay fat choy, happy new year to all of you. the only item i have is that this month, i gave the zoo management people the option to submit a written report inasmuch as the senior staff for scheduling reasons weren't available to give a personal presentation. but it made me think back to the way we schedule those reports, and hauling everybody down from the zoo once a month, we already have a zoo committee and three members of this commission sit on it. prior to 2008, there were no monthly reports presented to
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the commission, and i think was due to some issues at the zoo, that the commission took a more active role in what was going on. so what i am going to recommend is that we still get public presentations quarterly from the senior staff at the zoo. and that we continue to get monthly written reports that will be public reports as part of this agenda, submiting it to the commission. and margaret, you are going to have figure out how we get public comment on those reports, because i think there may be people here today who are interested in at least voicing an opinion. and then would ask you to prepare a resolution that this commission can consider and ultimately vote on and hopefully adopt my recommendation of moving to quarterly reports and monthly written reports. that concludes my report. >> commissioner, since there are folks here today, would you like us to at least hear public comment? >> i would. >> on that item? >> i would.
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>> anybody here for the joint zoo item, we'll still hear public comment on that item today. thank you. is there anyone who would like to make public comment under the president's report? being none, we're on no item 3 the general manager's report. >> good morning, commissioners and gung hay fat choy, mr. president and happy new year to everybody as well. the year of the ram and i wanted to share a few events that we're kicking off the new year in the right way. first is our annual community clean team event at portsmouth square, that happened this past saturday. i had the privilege of joining our mayor, our director of public works, mohammed nuru and his team and the chinatown community at portsmouth and we
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welcomed supervisor christensen at that event. volunteers spent their saturday mornings cleaning up graffiti, picking up trash, landscaping and beautifying our parks. the community clean team program is in its 15th year and we're proud to be a key city partner in making our city more beautiful. the event was so enthusiastic, that chinatown civic leader, she herself could issue citations for littering and bad behavior in our parks. >> that should intimidate any potential bad behavior. [laughter ]. >> other chinese new year events including the adult basketball team at the rec center this friday and saturday. our tiny tot chinese new year celebration on february 25th. our chinese new year junior high basketball jamboree on
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february 28th and our annual lunar celebration on february 28th. we're also this month celebrating black history month. and we will be hosting a celebration a free celebration at hamilton recreation center on february 28th. activities include music, spoken word, dance, food and more. this annual event is made possible with the support of our community partners including urban ymca and bring bridge the gap. the centenial anniversary kicks off this week and friday night at the palace, which starts for the public at 9:00 p.m. is 100 years to the day that the world fair opened in san francisco in 1915. we will have spectacular events, activities, exhibitions k light displays, and entertainment that brings to
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life the 1915 world fair. on saturday the february 21st, beginning at noon, the recreation and park department and its partners the california historical society, innovation hangar and foundation will host a free public event. come towards the ground and watch engaging permissions ing performances including the california historical society, the exploratorium, maker media, the tech museum and spark lab smithsonian. for more information the public can check out we invite the public to join the recreation and park department in the san francisco parks alliance for a community design forum on san francisco playgrounds. the forum takes place 9 to noon at the
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clubhouse at 19th and linda, participants will have the opportunity to offer input to guide future playground renovations in the city. for more information see our website, on the front table, each commissioner has a greened card, event hosted by the city park as license is coming to san francisco april 11 through the 14th. greater and greener happens every two to three years in big cities across america. it was last held in new york city in 2012 and welcomes approximately 1,000 urbanists urban park advocates, urban planners, landscape designers, from both the government, non-profit and private sector. for a series of really interesting workshops and eventuals and we're very proud
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to be the lead host agency for this event this year. and we're very excited about it and invite everyone to register for the conference. so pitchers and catchers reported this week, believe it or not and so it's time to talk baseball and here is a really exciting opportunity for our young female players. hosting spring trainouts for girls ages 11 to 13 this saturday, february 21st at crocker amazon park from 10:00 a.m. to noon. they will be on diamond 3. baseball instruction and practices will be held two days per week and every weekend from march to may, culminating in your participation in the first girl's baseball national tournament in orlando florida, this summer. the team will be coached by our very own rocky henley, who was
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a member of colorado rockies women's baseball team and they had a couple of try-outs already. i went to one and it's so inspiring and there are some really good baseball players out there. we invite everyone to join the recreation and park department in celebrating reboots national day of unplugging. in march, it's on march 7th, reboot national day of un[phr-ulg/]ing unplugging is only once a year to draw attention to the world around us and reconnect with family, friends and most importantly for our purposes, nature. it is true that our kids today are spending over 7 hours a day behind a screen of one form or another and less than 30 minutes a day outside. that needs to change and we
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encourage everyone to participate in the national day of unplugging. my kids particularly my oldest daughter will go kicking and screaming, but -- [laughter ]? >> the ginsburg family will be unplugging on that day. and as an added bonus, you can unplug, but you can still shop. shoppers receive 10% off their purchases at sports basement now through march 21st, just mention national day of unpluging to receive your discount. i'm not very pleased to bring up kenji, the department of human resources director to present our quarterly employee recognition certificate of appreciation, and i'm so pleased and so proud to bring up dave christiansen, our department's award-winning. could ken, tell him when he has won. >> >>
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good morning commissioners and general manager ginsburg, kenji the director of human resources for the recreation and park department. to demonstrate the quarterly employee recognition recipient dave christinsen, the harvey milk center has prepared a short presentation of the exhibition and posters that appear on your monitor as i am speaking. dave started with the department as a program coordinator august 7, 2010. dave was nominated by his peer at cultural arts nicola alvarez. in the four years that dave managed the harvey milk photo center he has lifted the standards of the operation and developed a wide range of photography classs for beginners to pros and creates a monthly free photography lecture. dave has also curated temporary exhibits including the photo
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center, mclaren lodge and harvey milk studio. street photography, taking pictures on iphone and more. so please come and sign up for his classes. his february lecture series will showcase three local photographers and a show and tell setting. more notably, dave has also curated i exhibitions showcasing famous photography works including the work appearing in a number of fashion houses [speaker not understood]
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cunningham a legendary photographer from the '60s. current supervisor states dave has brought creativity and light to the photo center and alenna added through his innovative exhibitions dave has put the site on the list of galleris to visit in the city. dave has created a beautiful gallery space within the photo center and curated installations and many other buildings including the mclaren lodge. dave shows great support for his co-workers and collaboration for expansion. is he innovative, creative and intelligent. on behalf of the san francisco recreation and park commission, we thank dave for his dedication and look forward to his continued success as an employee of the city and county of san francisco. [ applause ]. >> you have really helped the san francisco recreation and park department read the bar both in terms of our gallery
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and exhibition space, but more importantly with respect to the programs that we're offering san francisco in photography. we're so proud of the work that you do, and the programs and exhibitions you steward. >> thank you so much. good morning, commissioners. president buell, phil ginsburg. it's a pleasure and really an honor to stand here and seeing some of the work that we have generated and the programs we have created with my team. i feel really blessed to be part of such a world-class organization with rec and park. it really brings to the point where creating really enriching programs, exhibitions, and programs at the lodge or at the photo center to the public, whether it's imogene cunningham or fred lyon or up-and-coming
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photographers to showcase the great facility we have and the support we have from phil ginsburg. i wanted to say thank you to a few people here and cut this short. i would like to thank basically phil ginsburg or for supporting us, my director supervisor brown, who supports us all the way, nicola alvarez who actually suggested a receive the award. she does an amazing job every day. i'm really inspired by the people i work with every day and i wanted to raise that and wanted to again thank the employee recognition committee and the commission. thank you very much. >> let me say on behalf of the commission, that the quality and caliber of the program and what you bring to it, it really
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demonstrates an enormous commitment and we appreciate it very much. thank you. >> thank you so much. i really appreciate it. [ applause ] now we're going to
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turn to this month's video in parks that focuses on our work recreation program and jennifer gee, as we approach summer we're on the verge of hiring over 200 young people to help us with our nearly 80 summer camps and this will give you a little flavor of what we do. [ music ] my name is jennifer and i'm in charge per square foot youth program, one of the most vibrant programs in the city. we do workshops and college resumes, cover letters we give resources to show them where they can apply to college for financial aid. we try to hire kids from all zip codes, all communities and all districts from mission to
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chinatown to bay view. [ music ] [ music ] this month in parks, recreation and parks in san francisco held a party -- [ inaudible ] the event is held with about 75 volunteers from all over the bay area. on january 24th we celebrated the graduation of the class of 2015. congratulations to the high school student who completed the year of environmental leadership and service. we hold an extravaganza [ inaudible ] there were over
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100 exhibitors and showcasing opportunities for kids this summer. it was a great summer. rec and park with the jewish community celebrated the jewish arbor day, with tree-planting and beautification. [ music ] >> and that, commissioners concludes the general manager's report. thank you, carlie. >> is there anyone who wishes to make public comment under the general manager's report? richard, come on up. >> good morning. i want to do a little plug here -- community day at the palace of fine arts, it says saturday -- something that is going to be real good. i can see some faces on the commission who are solid people, who will back this up
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before it got to complete phase 1, but now we have phase 2 coming up and commissioner allan low -- [speaker not understood] community day. thank you everyone here doing a great job on everything else. >> is there anyone else who would like to make public comment under the general manager's report? being none, this item is closed. we're now on general public comment up to 15 minutes. this item will be continued to item 12, if need be. at this time members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public, that are within the subject-matter jurisdiction of the commission and do not appear on the agenda.
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with respect to agenda items your opportunity to address the commission will be addressed during meeting. i have one card, kelly watts. >> this is a powerpoint. >> so as a recap, my understanding is that it's still the intention of the rpd and the commission to introduce an additional 100 tons of the chemical no another san francisco children's play area. i believe these figures are correct. you have been duly informed on many occasion and aware a tox toxologist from centers for disease control predicted in ten years that people exposed
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to the chemicals would start to develop cancer. this was in 2007. and that, in fact since 2014 of users of the fields developing cancers. despite these facts you have dismissed the health warnings and instead have repeatedly embarked on actions that financially benefit your long time business associates at field turf target, inc., oc jones and sons, inc. and others by awarding them contracts worth tens of millions of dollars to install these fields. it is to be expected while your associates profit handsomely, the parents the children who live these field who live next to them will pay a price from the chemical combinations that will inevitably circulate in their children's bloodstreams as they breathe, swallow, or ingest, through other means.
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at last month's meeting january 15th, 2015, dawn kamalanathan and management urgently the promised the commission to explore alternatives. as the record shows and as miss bonilla and othered when the chemical risk was first brought to their attention. the record also shows that the rpd again kicked the can down the road in 2011 and 2012 with the same promise. shortsightedness or denial of the propses or symbolic gestures risk passing on a significant burden for the next generation to have to deal with, perhaps after you all plan to have left your positions. based on data supplied by your
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associates, san franciscans to-date have awarded tens of millions of dollars by you to your associates accumulating over 34 acres of these tire chrome installations within city boundaries containing chemicals amounting to over 6,000 tons. as we have for years i and othered will do what we can to keep track of the list of cancer victims it's keeps growing with your tacit approval. thank you. >> thank you. >> is there anyone else -- richard? >> good morning richard fong speaking. i wanted to look at the wildlife problems we're starting to have around the bay area here. we have the bird problem, the organic substance on their coats and have an awful time trying to clean it up.
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today's newspaper news with the top issues related to the breeding cycles of the sea lions and other mammal animals that we have along our coastal area. i wanted to bring up something that dealt with more not so much the el nino, but they said the el nino isn't so much into this time on the warming. it's like the rip tide came up and it was a long time -- but with the research going on, i think people who are doing work out there, cleaning up around there, in the background, yosemite, and there is candlestick and they are going around and cleaning up. a lot of that goop that might come up there might have something to do with trying to develop the diesel field, and they have a
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place there along the eastern side of san francisco, and that is possibly a problem -- they didn't say this time with the birds, but that happened a few years ago when they looked at the other problems. they also have the costco problem of hitting -- currently [speaker not understood] it came after that time and again they have that same issue, organic solvents, organic compounds organic -- when you go around trying to do the organic stuff, i'm not the expert, but i'm going to try to tell you when you try to take something out like rubber cement that kids use at our play areas throughout our county, that is going to be something that we have to look into more so from the environment perspective, but people in the recreation and park should be able to view
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such an issue by keeping a watchful eye out if you see dumping and that type of stuff. the hard part about it is i don't have an explanation why the water is warming up. what usually happens is all of it warms up and when all of it warms up, it goes up-and-down the coast and it stays about the same temperature. so other than that, gung hay fat choy, happy new year. and yay, all of you out there in the public, too. bye. >> is there anyone else who would like to make public comment, general public comment? being none, general public comment is closed. at this time we're now on item 5, the consent calendar. and so for the commissioners, and the public, we have one amendment on the consent calendar before we start public comment. item 5i, commissioners there is
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only one grant that you will be accepting stowed from the menage foundation in the amount of $20,000 for the recreation and park department scholarship program and no. 2 from big billy, inc., doing business as as slims is not on today. so i need a motion as amended with 5a. with that, is there any member of the public who would like to comment on the consent calendar? being none, public comment is closed. commissioners >> entertain a motion. >> moved with amendment. >> second. >> moved and seconded with amendment, all those in favor, say aye? >> a. >> so moved. >> we're now on item and although there is no presentation today, it's the san francisco zoo. would anyone like to make public comment on the san francisco zoo item today?
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being none, public comment is closed this. was discussion only anyway. we're now on item 7, the union square ada enhancement award of contract >> good morning commissioners. project manager, capital division. i'm here for a discussion and possible action to approve the award of a construction contract for the union square ada enhancement project, contractor no. 305av to apadana engineering, inc., for base bid only in the amount of
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$599777.77. union square is a plaza in the city of san francisco. supervisorial district 3. in 2007 there was a lawsuit that was filed -- the conditions at union square plaza and garage by federal and state statutes prohibiting discrimination against people with disabilities. the lawsuit was settled in 2009 and the settlement agreement required to remediate specific barriers to access to the plaza and garage. this was the work. the mayor's office of disability at that time requested that the department undertake additional disability access enhancements at union square plaza in order to respond to subsequent public complaints.